We were referred to One Smart Home after our automation provider went bankrupt. $90,000.00 had been taken from us, product was left unpurchased, and our system was left incomplete. We were in the middle, without any help. We had concerns about this happening to us for a second time, but One Smart Home certainly dispelled those thoughts and wanted to make it work for us.

One Smart Home came into a situation where there was a half completed system, which we as homeowners knew nothing about! From the start One Smart Home assessed what had, as well as what had not been completed. They defined the scope of work yet to be done in order to provide us the functionality we were looking for…all while keeping in mind that we had lost about $40,000.00 and were very conscious about prices. By utilizing most of the Crestron System we had originally purchased, and tailoring the rest of the solution around our core priorities (within’ our budget), we were finally confident our system would function for our family.

We really found that One Smart Home kept the schedule down to a Tee. We were informed when equipment was ordered (which certainly didn’t happen with our previous company) and the scheduling was fantastic.

The One Smart Home Team (installers, programmers and managers) was very professional, kept us in the loop throughout the project to ensure nothing would go sideways. Any type of small issue we did run into, the team would talk to us about it, present a solution, and we couldn’t be happier with the way that it went.
They did what they said they would do.

Upon completion of the system, one thing we were nervous about were all the buttons, not being a ‘tech savvy’ family, it was certainly helpful to be walked through it, and made it as smooth as possible for the ‘non tech savvy’ family we are! Since, the system has been completed, it’s been very good. We’ve had a few little concerns here and there, but nothing that has not been answered very quickly by the Service Team.

Overall, the One Smart Home installers are very friendly, they did a really nice job cleaning up the wires, and the rack and stuff. It is fantastic! It looks like a labor of love. It’s certainly different than what we had with our previous guys. Constructive criticism? We don’t really have any. I feel like I’m an NHL hockey player.

Bostrom Family