Over the past 7 years we have had a NUVO System. After investing a large portion of money into what we thought to be a reliable & interactive system, things seem to continually go wrong. At one point we had most of our home systems (security, lighting scenes, audio and so on) available on remotes, as soon as things seemed to function okay, we would completely loose access to many areas of our home.

We decided to upgrade the system to include a media server (as we were told this would add to the reliability and robustness of the system) and it turned out to be more of a Band-Aid. Out automation provider just never came through, and we were never provided the system we were promised.

We were introduced to Marco through Brian McLean from Scott Arthur Homes. One Smart Home was exactly what we were looking for. The Discovery and System Design Process was was quick, it was easy. We also received a comprehensive summary letter that captivated our goals and concerns. Marco was fantastic, he came out quickly, he provided a quote promptly, and it was probably about 3 weeks when everything was said and done!

The Operations Team was really good, very professional. The guys worked long, long hours and did good work.

In Summary, the One Smart Home response has been great. We haven’t had an issue, emails have been answered, and there’s always been an answer for it. We’ve already recommended you to 2 people.

Bateman Family