Mission & Vision


For One Smart Home owners Mike Burris & Marco Pugliese, technology is their passion. It’s the reason they founded One Smart Home in 2010. “Technology in the Home is not a new concept,” says Marco. “However, we were convinced that we could refine custom solutions by gaining a deeper understanding of how it plays into clients lives.” One of the most exciting things about home automation is the ability to customize it to fit any homeowner needs.

Both with young families, Mike and Marco understand every household has a unique lifestyle. “My four year old daughter plays with Lego downstairs, the kitchen counter is used as a workstation and we host multiple events in our backyard,” says Mike. “All the different areas in our home serve different functions.” This understanding gives One Smart Home the ability to assist people in using the right technology in the proper places.

One Smart Home operates out of Sherwood Park and continues to be ahead of the curve when it comes to using technology to satisfy homeowner’s needs both indoors and outdoors. With designs that often integrate Media, Security, Lighting, Pool/Spa & Irrigation, no automation system is the same. All designs come with distinctive benefits unique to each family. What they all have in common however, is the ability to provide ease of use and peace of mind. With one touch of a button you are in control of your indoor & outdoor living space.

  • For all current project Inquiries including scheduling Please press 101 to speak with Danny
  • For Stephanie the Sales and Marketing Coordinator 102
  • For Marco in System Design & Sales Press. 103
  • For Mike in Finance Press 105
  • For Chris in Operations Press 106
  • For Danny, Field Supervisor, please press 107
  • For Blair in Tech Support & Customer Service Press 108
  • For Eric In Programming Press 109
  • For Technical Support Including emergencies, Technical Support And Service Requests Please press 111

Marco Pugliese
Owner/ Business Development
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Eric Dubé
Programming/ Technical Services
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Chris Gosselin
Project Management / Operations
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Josh Gosselin

Mike Burris
Owner / Finance
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Stephanie Brodsky
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
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Melissa McClintock
Admin and Office Management


Danny Garcia
780-801-8181 ext. 107