We were referred to One Smart Home after our automation provider went bankrupt. $90,000.00 had been taken from us, product was left unpurchased, and our system was left incomplete. We were in the middle, without any help. We had concerns about this happening to us for a second time, but One Smart Home certainly dispelled those thoughts and wanted to make it work for us.

One Smart Home came into a situation where there was a half completed system, which we as homeowners knew nothing about! From the start One Smart Home assessed what had, as well as what had not been completed. They defined the scope of work yet to be done in order to provide us the functionality we were looking for…all while keeping in mind that we had lost about $40,000.00 and were very conscious about prices. By utilizing most of the Crestron System we had originally purchased, and tailoring the rest of the solution around our core priorities (within’ our budget), we were finally confident our system would function for our family.

We really found that One Smart Home kept the schedule down to a Tee. We were informed when equipment was ordered (which certainly didn’t happen with our previous company) and the scheduling was fantastic.

The One Smart Home Team (installers, programmers and managers) was very professional, kept us in the loop throughout the project to ensure nothing would go sideways. Any type of small issue we did run into, the team would talk to us about it, present a solution, and we couldn’t be happier with the way that it went.
They did what they said they would do.

Upon completion of the system, one thing we were nervous about were all the buttons, not being a ‘tech savvy’ family, it was certainly helpful to be walked through it, and made it as smooth as possible for the ‘non tech savvy’ family we are! Since, the system has been completed, it’s been very good. We’ve had a few little concerns here and there, but nothing that has not been answered very quickly by the Service Team.

Overall, the One Smart Home installers are very friendly, they did a really nice job cleaning up the wires, and the rack and stuff. It is fantastic! It looks like a labor of love. It’s certainly different than what we had with our previous guys. Constructive criticism? We don’t really have any. I feel like I’m an NHL hockey player.

Bostrom Family

Over the past 7 years we have had a NUVO System. After investing a large portion of money into what we thought to be a reliable & interactive system, things seem to continually go wrong. At one point we had most of our home systems (security, lighting scenes, audio and so on) available on remotes, as soon as things seemed to function okay, we would completely loose access to many areas of our home.

We decided to upgrade the system to include a media server (as we were told this would add to the reliability and robustness of the system) and it turned out to be more of a Band-Aid. Out automation provider just never came through, and we were never provided the system we were promised.

We were introduced to Marco through Brian McLean from Scott Arthur Homes. One Smart Home was exactly what we were looking for. The Discovery and System Design Process was was quick, it was easy. We also received a comprehensive summary letter that captivated our goals and concerns. Marco was fantastic, he came out quickly, he provided a quote promptly, and it was probably about 3 weeks when everything was said and done!

The Operations Team was really good, very professional. The guys worked long, long hours and did good work.

In Summary, the One Smart Home response has been great. We haven’t had an issue, emails have been answered, and there’s always been an answer for it. We’ve already recommended you to 2 people.

Bateman Family

Under trying circumstances they entered into a renovation 4/5ths of the way completed to troubleshoot why a home control system was not interfacing properly with the lighting system, as the initial service provider did not have such expertise in-house. One Smart Home assessed the issues and provided the solutions. Thanks!


One Smart Home waited on me hand and foot. I haven’t ever dealt with someone who made me feel like I was their only client. When I needed something done, it was done as soon as physically possible. I thought I was going to have to take a second mortgage to afford really awesome technology, but One Smart Home made things I didn’t dream possible affordable!!!

M. Schulz

One Smart Home finished our home summer of 2011. What an amazing group of people. These words describe them best RELIABLE, SMART, PROFESSIONAL, COURTEOUS, ON-TIME, HARD WORKING, RESPECTFUL. I am in the home building business and it is VERY tough to find good people that know what they are doing when it comes to audio/visual but with these guys you just can’t go wrong. MY FAMILY HIGHLY RECOMMENDS THEM.

Kang Family

One Smart Home was a pleasure to deal with. They provided exactly what they quoted and kept to the schedule promised. The system works great and they did a good job of training us on the use of it. I would recommend One Smart Home to anyone.

J. Cassady

One Smart Home completed work in my parents home (basement surround sound solution) and Father-in-laws home (networking diagnostic and repair). Their team was knowledgeable, they were easy to schedule, responded promptly… Everyone had piece of mind. I would refer One Smart Home to any family, friends, or work acquaintances.

J. Quast

I refer all my clients to one smart home. I refer them not only because they are a pleasure to deal with but also because I am confident they provide my clients with the proper customized solutions suitable for their lifestyle with NO forced buying or pre package sales.

T. AndrewsAvanti Homes

I’m not a very computer literate person, and was worried the system would be to much to handle for my wife and I. One Smart Home said the system would be really easy to use and it’s TRUE! It’s as simple as using your IPhone or IPad…that’s it! It’s now integrated into our lives and we don’t know if we could ever do without it. One of the biggest advantage we did not foresee is when we travel it gives a comforting feeling, being able to login and see how things are around the house. We plan on expanding our system more in the future!

G. Sommers

One Smart Home’s Competent Professionals demonstrated their capabilities as subject matter experts when they assessed system /component compatibility in the design of our new home. Customer service was a top priority when meeting the expectations of the client. They always did what they said they would, and did it timely, “they walk the talk.” Their workmanship reflects integrity, passion and unparalleled commitment to provide a superior product. In our experience the value was clear that “you get what you pay for.” Indubitably, I Strongly endorse One Smart Home for your home or business automation needs.

R. Klimchuk